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A holistic approach to the challenges of aging.

Cuyuna Regional Medical Center - Care Center is a long-term care facility licensed for 69 beds that provides 24-hour care for people needing both long-term care as well as those requiring transitional short stay care such as rehabilitation and recovery after surgery. Being located on the Medical Campus, residents of the Care Center have convenient access to a full range of comprehensive medical services under one roof.

The Care Center offers resident-centered care, spacious rooms, beautiful lounge areas, comfortable dining room, three-season patio, backyard and a specialized dementia care secured unit.

Resident's care is designed for their individual needs with activities for all lifestyles. Our programs are exciting, stimulating and offer a broad spectrum to cater to a variety of skills, interests, and creativity. Every day we dedicate ourselves to providing different opportunities such as outings, educational and enrichment classes, religious services and music, arts, crafts, games, wellness classes and more.

COVID-19 Updates

CRMC is committed to providing the highest standards of care for patients and residents across its campus. Staff continue this work during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of ongoing efforts to keep residents, families, and the community informed, we have created this section on our website to give you updated information on COVID-19 activity in the Care Center.  This information includes:

  • Newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in Care Center residents
  • Newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in Care Center staff
  • Information on residents with any new onset respiratory symptoms that have been reported/identified through daily screening processes
  • Information on staff with any new onset respiratory symptoms that have been reported/identified through daily screening processes

This information will be updated weekly on Monday and more frequently as needed.  The following provides information and action steps we have taken to help prevent or mitigate the spread of this virus.

Since the pandemic first reached the United States, CRMC’s Care Center has been coordinating with industry leaders and public health officials to establish clear safeguards and protocols to prevent transmission of the virus within our senior care facilities. These aggressive efforts include:

  • policies to limit outside visitors, 
  • suspension of group activities,
  • embracing recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), including requiring employees to wear masks at all times, increased hand washing, increased cleaning of buildings, and using personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with residents, tenants, or clients who require protection,
  • twice daily screening of residents for symptoms

The Care Center also created a COVID unit on Skyview.  In the past, Skyview was dedicated primarily to the short-stay residents; those residents now needing skilled services will remain in the hospital in a swing bed status. Skyview is being used to isolate those with symptoms and/or active COVID.  In addition, there are three rooms on Skyview with negative air that are prepared to manage residents who are being monitored for respiratory medical needs and signs/symptoms of COVID, as well as to care for any confirmed COVID cases.

Senior citizens and those who live in communal settings are at greater risk of infection during this pandemic. As the virus spreads, the potential exists that some seniors and caregivers could be impacted despite the protections we have in place.

With any residents or staff who test positive for COVID-19, we work with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the CDC on the best course of action to prevent the spread of the illness.

We are so appreciative for our staff who come every day who have dedicated their working lives to caring for others, even in times of COVID.  Thank you also to our residents, families, and communities for your continued support as we navigate this uncharted territory.


COVID – 19 Care Center UPDATES


September 8, 2021

Update for residents and their family members on the COVID status in our facility. Our facility remains in outbreak status, as defined by the Minnesota Department of Health as having one or more COVID-19 positive tests in either staff or residents. All residents and staff must be COVID tested at intervals of every 3-7 days. To clear outbreak status, we must have 14-consecutive days of negative COVID tests for residents and staff.   

On September 7, 2021, one staff member tested positive for COVID-19 during outbreak testing. Our residents were also tested. No new residents tested positive for COVID-19. We are continuing enhanced testing of residents and staff at intervals defined by the Minnesota Department of Health. We will test our residents and staff again this week on Friday the 10th.

 Visitation is limited to essential caregivers (EC) and end-of-life visits only. Only two EC or end-of-life visitors are allowed in the facility at once time. If you are an Essential Caregiver or coming for an end-of-life visit, please spend extra time and attention on performing good hand hygiene while in the facility. We ask that you wear your isolation mask and eye protection while in the building. Please limit interactions with your loved ones and our staff, avoiding contact with other residents. 

Our team remains dedicated to caring for your loved ones. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Daren Rife at 218-546-2306 or Sheila Miller at 218-545-2019 with any questions.    


Daren Rife              



Sheila Miller, BSN, RN PHN  

Director of Nursing


For more information, contact the Care Center at
218-546-4381, or toll free at 888-487-6437

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